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Is PhoneShaala free of cost for learners?

Absolutely! PhoneShaala is a TOLL FREE number so no balance is cut from your phone when you make a call. #SeekhteRaho at no cost!

To keep PhoneShaala free forever, PhoneShaala’s creators at eArth Samvarta Foundation (eSF) and Krazy Devil Creationz (KDC) are looking for fund support. You can support the education of 1 or more children or you could provide a high volume endowment. Donations made for PhoneShaala are eligible for Tax Savings under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Plus to help cover fees.
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Donation Total: ₹5,001 Monthly

How does PhoneShaala work around the differences in syllabus of different state boards across the country?

PhoneShaala does not aim for syllabus completion and our core value system avoids examination centric thinking which is limited by a race for marks. PhoneShaala builds an environment where learners can learn important concepts, life skills and important values. Our goal is to teach literacy, numeracy and life skills while incorporating important values including environmental consciousness, kindness, empathy, civic responsibility, problem solving and more. Concepts and values like these are universal and this helps us overcome differences in state boards.

How does PhoneShaala overcome barriers of language?

The IVR menu of PhoneShaala provides learners with a choice of languages in which they wish to learn. At present the options are English, Hindi, and Marathi and we are determined to scale up to other languages so that children from all over India can benefit from this solution. For scaling up, PhoneShaala requires infrastructure support. If you can make a high volume endowment for a language you wish to support learning in, we would dedicate the set up of the learning track in the language that you choose to support.

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I am an educator, how can I contribute?

You can start by sharing about PhoneShaala with your students.
You can also participate by submitting content for PhoneShaala lessons.

I am a student. How can I learn?

PhoneShaala is a TOLL FREE solution that you can access at any time, free of cost using any type of phone- even basic feature phones or landlines. This helps you to learn even if you do not have internet! PhoneShaala will be launching soon and we want you to be among the first who gets informed! Please drop us your contact details so we can get in touch as soon as PhoneShaala is launched!

PhoneShaalaseekhte raho
a collaboration of eSF & KDC
EDU CREATORsHelp build the lessons for the Kids

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